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Does someone know how to know which eyeliner style will fit on our eyes and best tip to make it same on both eyes?
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I need concealer recommendations:) please can you help?
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Help! I need top tips on how not to end up with mascara on my face……. All fine after application but a few hours in there it is. Ive tried so many brands etc but always the same. Its not that i even use alot either. How do you keep your mascara to stay put?
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My foundation always turns dark after few hours and always gone off my t-zone . Any tips how to correct this?
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I'm wondering about the best colours for my skin tone and would love your input. ❤️
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Is a warm or cool toned look more suited for a neutral olive undertone? I feel like the neutral undertone should mean either looks good, but maybe the green/grey-ish hue of the olive undertone is throwing off the shades? Whenever I go for a warm toned look I just feel like it makes me look so washed out, and like the makeup is wearing me and not the other way round.
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Warm toned
Cool toned
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What pre-makeup routine do you do that helps hide hairs after putting foundation on? Highlighters looove accentuating my face hairs.
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I remove my facial hair
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What is your favourite lipstick from Nars, because I really want to try it😍
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Hey guys, I have a question. Recently, I lost half of my memory and I don't know anything about makeup or how to apply it. I was wondering if, after the Cerave cleanser, I should apply moisturizer first and then foundation. However, even after applying the foundation, my acne scars and pores are still visible. I don't know what to do, can you please help me? and yes the foundation is full coverage.
Hey guys, I have a question. Recently, I lost half of my