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I. General Questions
The NARS Community is an open online space for everyone who enjoys NARS. You can discuss various topics with other members, who share the same interests as you. You can ask your questions, seek advice, share tips... You also have the opportunity to complete missions, test products, participate in contests, answer surveys, join events… and earn points to unlock exclusive status and rewards.
By joining the Community, you will have access to several exclusive activities. You can for instance:
  • Ask beauty questions and get advice
  • Test products and share your review
  • Join our events
  • Enter our contests and get the chance to win prizes
  • Access exclusive brand content
  • Collaborate and interact with the brand you love
  • Engage with like-minded members
  • Create and share content with others
  • Complete missions, earn points and unlock statuses for rewards.
Yes, some of the content is available to unregistered or unlogged members. However, if you want to interact with other members, post content or participate in our activities, you must be registered and logged into the NARS Community.
No, you must be registered and logged in the NARS Community to be able to publish content, interact with other members and participate in our various activities.
If you encounter a technical issue on the NARS Community or have a question about its use, you can contact our administrators by sending them a private message. Simply use the search bar on the home page and enter their name to access their profile. Then, click on the « message » button to contact them.
First, you need to log in to your NARS customer account on our website. Then, click on the Community tab. You’ll be redirected to the Community and will already be logged. You can also log in to the Community by clicking on the "Login/ Register" button available on the menu. You’ll be redirected to our website to log in to your customer account. Head back to the Community, you’ll be logged in and be able to access our different activities.
If you are looking for specific content on the community, you can use the search bar available on the Community homepage. You just need to enter the words corresponding to your research and click on «Enter». The relevant content will appear in the « Posts » tab.
You can search for a member by typing their nickname in the search bar and by clicking on the « Members » tab.
If you are looking for a certain type of content / theme, you can filter posts by using the categories available on the homepage. All the posts mentioning this category will be displayed.
On the NARS Community, the categories are “Full Face”, “Icons”, “Complexion”, “Skincare”, “Cheeks”, “Eyes”, “Palettes” and “Lips”.
Categories are tags that members can add to their posts. They are used to thematize a post according to the subject it tackles. These categories allow you to filter posts by their theme saving you time in your research.
II. My Profile
Your profile can be found in the menu, at the top left on your computer or at the bottom of your mobile screen. Go to your profile page and click on « edit my profile ». Complete your public profile by adding a profile picture, changing your nickname, and adding your date of birth, city and country of residence. Complete your mini-bio and add your Instagram and TikTok accounts. You can also complete your tester profile (this is your private personal information) as well as your preferences, which will allow you to be invited to product tests that correspond to your interests.
You can modify your profile information at any time from your profile page. Simply click on “Edit my profile”. Don’t forget to save your changes.
No, the profile picture is not mandatory, but it allows you to complete a mission and get a badge. At any time, you can add, modify, or delete it by going to your profile and by clicking on « Edit my profile » then « Change the picture ».
You can track your progress from your profile page in the “Progress” tab. You will be able to see the points you’ve earned, your status and the next one to unlock. You will also have access to your badges and the next levels to obtain. Finally, you will be able to consult your general ranking (based on the number of points earned by the members) and your monthly ranking, to know your position within the Community.
Your community account and your NARS customer account are the same. To change your password or your email, you must go to your customer account on our site – section « my personal information » and change your credentials there.
Only your public profile is visible to other Community members. This concern: your nickname, your status, your number of points, your ranking, your badges obtained, your bio, your social media, your city and/ or your country. Your personal information is strictly confidential.
From your profile, you can check your number of followers by clicking “view more”. You will also find your number of subscriptions.
To follow a member, simply go to their profile and click on the « Follow » button available there. At any time, you can decide to unfollow them by clicking on the same button – or by doing so from the list of followers available in your profile page.
III. Receive Community News
To be informed of the latest NARS Community news, first head to your profile page. Click on «Edit my profile», then go to the «Notifications» tab and opt-in to the «Receive emails» button. This will allow us to send you emails about our latest news (contest, product test, mission, event, etc.). You can change your preferences at any time by editing your profile.
To keep up to date with the NARS Community news, you can consult the NARS OFFICIAL channel. We regularly post messages about activities available in the Community or announcements about our brand.
Your notifications are represented by a bell icon that you find at the top right of your screen on desktop and at the bottom right of your screen on mobile. You’ll be notified each time you complete a mission, receive a new status or badge. You’ll also get notified when you’re selected for a testing campaign. You’ll also be informed when someone likes or comments your post, or if someone tags you in a post. Finally, you’ll be altered when one of your posts has been reported. New activities or available content are reported with a number next to the discussion group title in the menu.
No, at the moment the Community does not have a dedicated app. However, you can download a shortcut on your mobile to access the Community in one click. To download this shortcut, follow these steps:

• On Android:
If you are visiting the community for the first time, the option will appear on your screen. You can also follow the steps below:
  1. Open the community on your mobile browser
  2. Click on the settings
  3. Scroll down and click “Add” on the Home screen
  4. Confirm by clicking “Add”

• On iOS:
  1. Open Safari on your iOS device.
  2. Visit the community
  3. Click the "Share" icon in Safari
  4. Select "Add to Home Screen" from the options.
  5. Confirm the installation by clicking the "Add" button.
Here are the steps to install the Community shortcut on your mobile:

• On Android:
If you are visiting the community for the first time, the option will appear on your screen. You can also follow the steps below:
  1. Open the community on your mobile browser
  2. Click on the settings
  3. Scroll down and click “Add” on the Home screen
  4. Confirm by clicking “Add”

• On iOS:
  1. Open Safari on your iOS device.
  2. Visit the community
  3. Click the "Share" icon in Safari
  4. Select "Add to Home Screen" from the options.
  5. Confirm the installation by clicking the "Add" button.
To follow our news and not miss any of our latest activities, you can subscribe to mobile notifications. To do this, go to your profile page, click on «Edit my profile», then go to the «Notifications» tab and activate the «receive notifications» button. This will allow us to send you notifications about our latest activities (contest, product test, mission, event, etc.) directly on your mobile. You can change your preferences at any time by editing your profile.
To follow the news of a discussion group, simply click on the «bell» icon accessible in the group description. You will be notified when new content is available in this group. You can change your preferences at any time by editing your profile.
IV. My points and missions
Missions allow you to earn points and unlock status and/or badges. A mission is an action to do within the community, such as posting a review, sharing a photo, creating a routine, answering a survey… Some missions are unique (only achievable once), others are recurring (doable several times). Some are automatic (you receive points as soon as the action is completed), others are manual (they require a screenshot or the validation of your content by our administrators). Some missions can also be temporary (only doable over a defined period).
On your profile, in the «Missions» tab, you will find the unique missions to complete once, your permanent missions, doable as many times as you want, and the missions of the month. You will also find your completed missions at the end of the list.
To accomplish a mission, you must do the action mentioned in the mission description. In your missions list, click on the mission you want to complete to check its full description. Most missions are automatic, this means that your points will be automatically added to your profile once the action is done. However, some of these missions require administrator moderation. This involves either adding a screenshot of your action in the mission description or receiving the manual validation of your publication by an administrator.
To validate a mission that requires a screenshot, you must take a screenshot of the action completed and add this screenshot in the mission description. To do so, click on the camera available there and select the corresponding screenshot. As soon as your proof is validated by our admin, you will receive a notification on the community and get your points. The validation of your screenshot can take between 1 and 3 days.
Screenshots validation can take between 1 and 3 days. Don’t worry, an administrator will soon validate your proof if it meets the conditions of the mission. If you don’t receive your points, it means your screenshot has been declined and you’ll be able to add a new screenshot.
The only way to earn points is to complete missions. Go to your profile, tab «Missions» to discover the missions that await you!
Points are used to grow in the community and earn status, which gives you access to rewards and exclusive privileges in the Community.
If you did not receive your points for a screenshot mission, it means that our administrators did not validate your proof, probably because it did not meet the conditions of the mission. In that case, you can add another screenshot. Be careful, read the mission description before adding your new screenshot and make sure it fits the description. If you do not receive your points for an automatic mission, you can contact our administrators to learn more.
V. My badges and status
A badge acts like an honorific reward for an action done one or several times the community. It is a way of rewarding your efforts within the Community. They motivate you to progress and can be granted for a variety of reasons: complete your profile, leave product reviews, receive reactions to your posts, share various publications, be elected member of the month...
Your status represents your level within the Community. There are 4 statuses on the Community. To unlock them, you must complete the different conditions mentioned in the description of each status. To view the conditions of a status, head to your profile page, in the «progress» tab, then click on any status to reveal its description. Statuses allow you to unlock rewards and exclusive benefits within the Community.
Unlock new statuses by being active on the Community, sharing quality content regularly, completing missions and earning points.
VI. My publications
You can check all your publications (posts, images, routines, reviews, comments, etc.) on your profile page, in the "Activity" tab.
To edit or delete one of your posts, click on the three dots next to your post or comment. You can choose to edit or delete any of your content.
If your post was automatically deleted, it might contain a banned word – please rephrase your message. If your post was deleted and you received a notification, your content might have been moderated by community members or by admins because it did not follow Community Guidelines. Do not hesitate to consult our T&Cs.
Some pictures are sometimes too heavy or too wide for the Community and therefore cannot be uploaded. We advise you to make a screenshot of the original photo you wanted to post and publish the screenshot instead.
To get your content validated by our administrators, we advise you to post regularly in the various discussion groups available. We encourage you to add authentic and qualitative pictures or videos, and detailed text. The more your post is complete and rich in information, the more likely it will be validated by our administrators.
In some discussion groups, only admins can share content (like community news or brand actuality). However, we invite you to interact (like, comment, share) with the posts published on those groups.
Your posts on the Community may be subject to moderation. Certain rules regarding their content must be respected in order to comply with the best practices of our community.
You may share pictures, videos, comments, posts, as long as they correspond to the theme and universe of the Community and respect the rules listed in our Community Guidelines.
Are refused, any content:
  • Not related to the Community
  • In a foreign language that cannot be understood by members
  • Published multiple times
  • That might be stolen (not authentic, used without the author’s consent, without credits, etc.)
  • Who would not respect the rules of our Community Guidelines
VII. Product Test
To be selected for a testing campaign, make sure to complete your tester profile. You can then apply to the different campaigns available in the «Product Test» tab. If your application is selected, you will receive an email inviting you to join the test. The following steps will then be available in the product test tab: you will have to accept or refuse the test, complete and/or verify your personal details, and finally wait for us to proceed with the shipment of your product. Once the product is received, you can test it and leave us your review on it.

Please note that testing campaigns are for UK residents only.
Products may take several days or weeks to be dispatched and delivered. If you notice that other members are receiving their parcels and that yours hasn’t arrived yet, please wait a few more days before contacting us. Delivery dates might be different depending on where you live.
VIII. Activities of the Community
This is a discussion group in which we regularly post news about available activities on the community. We also announce the winners of our contests or the election of the member of the month. Last but not least, we often post information about our brand and news about the Community.
This is a tab in which you can create your favourite routines by tagging the products available in our catalogue and associating them with each other. Complete the questions and describe in detail how you use this routine and what are its benefits before sharing it.
Go to the ROUTINE BUILDER tab, click on “Share your routine” and follow the steps. To create a routine, you must associate several products together. Search for the desired references from our product catalogue then click on the product to add it to your routine. Then answer the various questions before publishing and sharing your creation.
This is a tab where you can share your beauty-related content. You can also comment on other members' posts and help them.
This is a tab where you can ask other members about beauty-related techniques, seek advice and tips, learn more about beauty or makeup. You can also comment on other members' posts and help them.
This is a tab in which you can register to our events and interact with the members who have registered. When you register for an event, you will receive several alert emails (one once you have registered, one 24 hours before the event, one last alert an hour before) not to miss it.
This is a tab where you will find our current survey. We invite you to complete it and share your honest opinion with us. At the end of the survey, you will be rewarded with points.
To participate in our surveys, go to the “Surveys” tab. Then simply answer the questions asked. Complete the survey to get your points. If you don’t see any Survey tab, it means that there is no survey available for the moment.
This is a tab in which you can find our ongoing testing campaigns. You can apply for campaigns that suit your needs and interests. If your application is accepted, you will be informed by email and by notification on the Community. It is also in this tab that you can leave us your review about the tested product.
This is a tab where you can find our ongoing contests. You can participate by clicking on the «publish» button. Follow the steps mentioned and click on «Publish» to send us your application. The winners will be contacted by private message and announced on the BRAND NEWS group.
To enter a contest, you must be registered and logged into the Community. Go to the «Contest» tab. If a contest is online, an “on-going” label will be visible. Then click on the contest insert. You will be directed to a dedicated page. Click on «participate» and publish your entry related to the theme of the contest. Depending on the contest, you can participate several times or not.
This is a tab where you can share your beauty-related pictures. Please, pay attention to the quality of your pictures and make sure it’s beauty-related. Our moderators will delete all content that is not related to NARS or that doesn’t follow our Community Guidelines.
This is a tab where you can share your review about the NARS products you’ve been testing or that you’ve bought.
This is a tab where members of our NARS PRO program interact with each other, share their content, publish makeup tutorials, and provide other members with their tips and beauty techniques.
This is a tab where you can interact with members on a daily basis.
IX. Private Inbox and other members of the Community
You can chat with other community members and administrators via your own private inbox. To do so, simply click on the «Message» button available on the member’s profile. You can also create a new chat directly from your private inbox – available in the ✉️ icon at the top right of your desktop screen or in the menu at the bottom of your mobile. Simply click on the ✍️ icon and search for the member you want to chat with. Write your text and click «Enter» to send your message and create a new discussion.
On the home page, you have access to a search bar. Enter the name of the member you wish to contact and click on the «Members» tab. Then click on the member’s profile to access their information. You can also access a member’s profile by clicking on their username if you see them appear in one of the discussion groups available on the Community.
To tag someone in one of your content, type "@" in your posts and enter the first 3 letters of the member you want to identify. You will have access to a list of users and can choose the person you want. This person will be notified if you mention them in a post or comment.
If you do not want to see the content of a community member, you can block them. To do this, go to the profile of the concerned member, click on the three dots available next to their nickname and click on «block». You will no longer have access to that person’s content, and they will no longer be able to contact you. You can also report this person if their behaviour does not correspond to the community guidelines by clicking on the «report» button.
If you find content that does not comply with the Community Guidelines, you can report it by clicking on the three dots available to the right of the publication or comment. Our administrators will then process the report and act accordingly.