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Here is my go-to eye makeup look! I curl my eyelashes
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31/10/23-22:24 (edited on 31/10/23-22:25)
Here is my go-to eye makeup look! I curl my eyelashes using the eyelash curler. I gently place them on the base of my lashes for a natural lift. After this, I apply the climax mascara which is smudge proof and buildable. It doesn't clump and gives me an intense look if needed with volume! It gives a creamy feel to my lashes and my lashes don't feel stiff after using it. How to use: I start by coating the top and bottom of my upper lashes, using the brush to wiggle through. I then concentrate applying it on the root and the outer lashes. If you don't want to use an eyelash curler to give you a lift or you simply don't have time, I'd recommend holding and lifting your lashes for 5 seconds when applying the mascara. If I'd like to add a more dramatic look to my eyes, I use the tapered edge of the brush to coat the bottom lashes with. 
Eyelash Curler
Climax Mascara
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My go-to eye makeup look!
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Eyelash curler and mascara