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I just love all new products you apply to your face now, I
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I just love all new products you apply to your face now, I love to look glam so using more products just helps you feel more confident, I'm 57 now and when I first started wearing makeup many moon's ago it was bit of lippy blusher and mascara done, but 30 minutes later you just looked like no makeup on at all, now it's fabulous, might take longer with all products but at least at the end of the night you do need to cleanse your face before bed lol,
Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner
Eyeliner Pencil
Pressed Powder
Powermatte Lip Pigment
How would you define this routine
Longer lol
Describe the different steps of your routine
My routine now takes longer than ever but that is your fault because of your fabulous products lol, first I put on primer then foundation then concealer, powder eyeliner sometimes eyeshadow if I'm going out to party, mascara, rouge, lip liner lipstick 💄 lipgloss,,highlighter powder under eyes and top of cheeks, finishing powder and then finally setting spray, fabulous 👌