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I love using this look when I want to spruce myself up a
Pretty Kitty
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I love using this look when I want to spruce myself up a bit, but don’t want to go OTT. The great thing with these products is you can build up the colours depending on how much you like, so it can be used to various events or just day to day. You can also use the blush and highlighter set as eyeshadow and apply the highlighter on other spots you want a glow. Enjoy!
Climax Mascara
Orgasm X Cheek Palette
How would you define this routine
Amplifying your base.
Describe the different steps of your routine
After you’ve given yourself a clean, even base with primer and foundation (or on top of freshly moisturised skin), apply mascara evenly to top and lower lashes. Next, line your lip and fill in your lips with hit lip pencil. It’s nice and thick so it’s easy to use. Take care to shape the top of your lips and follow the natural lip line. Take the lightest of the blush and apply in a line diagonally across your cheeks, stopping a little past your eyes (be careful not to apply any blush under you eyes, stay on the cheeks). Next, take the darker colour and blend it on the outside corners of your cheek, going about 1/3 if the way in. Finally, take the highlighter and apply it in a sideways V shape, starting on the tops of your cheekbones, going out and up to your temples, turn above the eyebrows. You should create this shape on either eye < and >. Oh and don’t forget to finish with a coat of the liquid lip mouse.