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My routine takes about 30 minutes, I do this daily and on
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My routine takes about 30 minutes, I do this daily and on weekends may add false lashes and spend more time on skin care.
Quad Eyeshadow
Climax Extreme Mascara
Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment
How would you define this routine
Good coverage, everyday glam.
Describe the different steps of your routine
Cleans, tone and Moisturise, I like to use a factor 30 under my make up as I'm prone to hyperpigmentation. Layer foundation using a brush and then beat myself with a beaty blender until I have a seamless look, I use estee lauder double wear due to needing coverage and I'm stuck in my routine. I don't contour or use concealer as have fine lines and wish not to make them any more noticeable, 40 next week and my skin is looking it! I use a ton of blush, apples and nose, obviously nars orgasm. Set under my eyes with Laura mercia setting powder, stops mascara smudging in the day. I then use my benefit brow gel, natural eyeshadow, load my lashes, slick of liquid liner and lippie. I normally add a little highlighter on my cheeks, brow and cupids bow.