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NARS makeup is one of the best which works for my
Nars Pro
NARS makeup is one of the best which works for my combination skin, and I never ever breakout with NARS products, it looks flawless, great coverage, lasts all day and doesn’t feel too heavy on your skin, so your comfy for the whole day.
Soft Matte Complete Foundation
Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation
Mini Light Reflecting Setting Powder TOA
How would you define this routine
Normally in summer I mainly wear the Soft Matte Foundation or when I prefer a Matte look for the day, however, I use the Longwear foundation when I’m going out, or have a event to go to, as the coverage is a lot more heavier, and sometimes I even mix the two together lol I love NARS foundation
Describe the different steps of your routine
I normally just use a basic light moisturiser then apply my foundation, concealer, translucent powder on top of my concealer, then I use the powder bronzer in the darkest shade from NARS for my cheeks, then I apply my face powder all over, and then do my brows, mascara then lipstick