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This is the only way I prefer to start off my makeup
Sanaa 💖
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20/07/23-08:44 (edited on 20/07/23-08:46)
This is the only way I prefer to start off my makeup routine as I feel this lasts long to me. When applying makeup I always use setting spray at the start, middle and end of my makeup look just to settle everything down. Even after applying matte primer I prefer to use a setting powder.
Soft Matte Primer
Mini Radiant Creamy Concealer
Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation
Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
Climax Extreme Mascara
How would you define this routine
Everyday makeup look
Describe the different steps of your routine
I would say always prep your skin first before starting your makeup. The way I prefer to apply my makeup is. Apply setting spray all over my face and let it settle. Once I’ve given this a minute or 2 then my next step will be to apply the matte primer. Apply the primer all over my face and let that settle into my skin, I would then apply foundation with a foundation brush and blend out with a damp beauty blender, next step I apply concealer underneath my eyes and let that settle for a minute or 2 before blending it out. I prefer to use a powder puff as I feel it blends out amazingly without creasing, I then use a setting powder and then a setting spray all way to keep my base in place. Once base is done I then move onto my eyes and apply eye primer, set it with powder and then apply eyeshadow. Once that is done I then apply blush and then finish off with a liquid lipstick or lip gloss.