What NARSissists are saying

What NARSissists are saying

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Rising Star
The consistency of the blush is light and powdery, which makes it easy to apply and spread. The special technology of transparent pigments makes the color easily gradable, which allows the blush to be used both for subtle, everyday makeup and for more expressive evening makeup. One of the biggest advantages of this product are the particles that gently illuminate the complexion. These are not visible glitter particles, but a subtle, healthy glow that adds freshness to the skin. The shade "Orgasm" is a true icon in the world of cosmetics. It is a universal, peachy-pink color with a delicate golden shimmer that suits most skin tones. I can see why this is a favorite of many makeup artists :) To sum up, Nars Blush in the shade "Orgasm" is my must-have. I recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality blush that will add subtle but visible depth and radiance to the face. ADVANTAGES: Elegant packaging with a practical mirror Light, powdery consistency Easy to gradate color Delicate, healthy glow An iconic shade that suits most skin tones DEFECTS: The price may be a little high for some, but the quality is worth it!
Rising Star
I recently added the NARS Laguna Bronzer to my collection.NARS Laguna Bronzer is a classic in the beauty realm, renowned for its ability to deliver a natural, sun-kissed glow. I primarily use it to add warmth and dimension to my complexion, applying it strategically to the high points of my face where the sun naturally hits.One of the standout features of the Laguna Bronzer is its impeccable blendability. The powder effortlessly glides onto the skin, providing a seamless and buildable application. The shade is universally flattering, adding a subtle warmth without any orange undertones. The finely-milled texture ensures a smooth finish, avoiding any patchiness or uneven application.While the product certainly boasts many merits, it's essential to address some of considerations like the packing. the packaging, although chic with its signature matte black NARS casing, can be prone to fingerprints and scuffs, compromising its pristine appearance over time.Overall, NARS Laguna Bronzer has secured its place as a beloved and reliable addition to my makeup routine, offering that coveted sun-kissed radiance with every application.
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I absolutely love this red shade called “Dragon Girl” it glides on smoothly and gives a matte finish. It is highly pigmented and gives a good coverage too. And I’d definitely recommend it.
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Honestly this mascara is so good, not clumpy at all and so easy to remove. Its good value for money too. Love it!
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I love this lip balm, it’s quite cold in Jan and makes you lips dry it is a quick fix for a meeting or work . Also great for night care routine .
Rising Star
One of best blush that i ever used. Texture is so light and creamy and very light on skin When i applied on skin.its looks part if cheeks.not too much just easily blend and looks so good High pigmentation that just amazing Worth of money Highly recommended
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I love this product as it’s not clumpy and give length and volume.
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I buy this blush like everytime i run out, like litterly its so good and it makes the makeup look so good