What NARSissists are saying

What NARSissists are saying

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Rising Star
This has to be my favourite blush ...I was using this last year & need to repurchase as I've not been able to find another that matches up to it ..For me its just the right shade, a soft & natural look which Is what I like..Blends beautifully.
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Absolutely love this eyeliner, easy to use with a sharp point so you can get that eye cat on point 😁 love the deep black 🖤 Always a must on your beauty draw!
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If you love this shade, like my post please
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Natural not heavy base blended in well look using nars sheer punjab tone and custard concealer, with the nars soft powder compact, looks natural and yet covers up any un even tones and marks and don’t need to wear layers of foundation
Rising Star
We all know how much more effort you have to put in to do a “no makeup, makeup look” but with the Nars collection of products such as the extra climax mascara and highly pigmented liner paired with a smudge brush it’s never been easier to get a “smokey” eye that could easily be pulled off in the day time! My personal faves because if you are looking to do a more glam look these are buildable to pack a more dramatic effect! My only con is I prefer to have mini mascaras but never seem to be able to find the extra climax mascara in a mini version!
Rising Star
07/02/24-16:14 (edited on 08/02/24-14:01)
My go to nars product is the Nars blush. I cannot say enough how good this product. The compact blusher glides perfectly onto my cheeks and gives them the perfect pinky glow that I love. I've added a cute picture of my belated little Indie who passed at the weekend.
Nars Pro
As I don’t like much layers on my face,I go with this SPF induced skin tinted moisturiser that doesn’t feel heavy and makes my skin look radiant all day long and moreover its skincare plus makeup look.I’m never out of it and I hope NARS makes it in a high SPF in future.Its a total win win!