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Rising Star
Is there anything more fabulous than a red lip though I think not and this is definitely my favorite 😍
Rising Star
The Best Foundation Ever excellent Coverage 😀😀
Rising Star
I absolutely love this blush. After trying many other blush products and colours, this one just glides on with ease and blends so easily! It genuinely is the best blush I’ve ever used and is definitely a staple in my cosmetic bag!
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Have you tried the orgasm blush?
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Yes, it’s amazing!!
Yes, I’m not a fan!
No, but I’d like to!
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New to NARS
Am absolutely loving this lip balm - easy to apply , beautiful natural colour and gentle and moisturising on the lips - what more could you ask for ?
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Have you ever tried the orgasm afterglow lip balm ?
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Rising Star
I received this concealer from my sister because she only used this one … at first I didn’t like it but after a second try I adore it.
🎀 Danielle -marie 🎀
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02/09/24-20:37 (edited on 02/09/24-20:42)
Me & my husband , have bin together for 17 years since I was 16 , and me and him are gonna get each other a gift and then where gonna have a meal together and then watch a movie together then take a bath together and just spend the night together in bed lyed together with a box of chocolates each. This night i spend with my husband his one of the specialists nights of my life.
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Hello! I love using the Nars Climax Extreme mascara and always get such good compliments using it! My lashes are usually quite straight and flat and so using this they looked thick and long and plus they didn’t look clumpy! Very happy with this!